A JEKO IMAGERY property video is designed and created to emphasize the highlights of your property, captured at their peak!

You can also show the advantages of your community and neighborhood.

Add easy links wherever you put information about your property (such as a QR Code on your flyers, signage or advertisements), but also gain extra visibility through sharing on social media.



Check out some of our most popular selections...

THE BASIC - Video coverage/production starts at $125. Yields full walk through of property interior, ground shots of exterior, & we create a short highlight video. Videos are uploaded to YouTube for sharing (linkable/embedable), and downloadable as MP4 files for you use. Coverage of up to 2000 ft2, with additional charge of $25 per each additional 1000 ft2.

THE BASIC+AERIAL - Video coverage/production with ground+aerial views starting at $200.

FULL PHOTO/VIDEO - Photo+Video coverage/production with ground+aerial views starting at $235.


Looking for something to suit your needs?

On Location Set-Up*
(getting us & our gear there)
/ location
/ re-location
Ground Videography** (minimum)
/ 2000 sq feet
/ +1000 sq feet
Ground Photography**
/ first 10 images
/ +added image
Add Aerial*** Videography+Photography** (in combination)
/ flight
/ +added flight

* Set-Up fee is required for all project locations. Travel beyond Knox County will incur a mileage fee of $0.35/mile.

** Property imagery will be captured "as-is". JEKO can not be responsible for site preparation or clean-up. We can often vary capture angles to minimize, hide or highlight specific features. However, results cannot be guaranteed.

*** Aerial flight coverage is for a single battery use (about 15-17minutes), and includes $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage to protect JEKO and YOU!

Video Production Notes:

Add your narration for the tour for $50 (for first 2000 sqft).

Finished videos include music, graphics in opening and close, titles as needed, and music background.

Before editing is finished, client may select/provide:
- Graphic overlay (logo at beginning and at end, plus overlayed).
- Royalty-free music from our current inventory, or client provided royalty-free music.
- Title font and content.
- Narrative support.

Video duration may range from 2-8 minutes, though most are 3-4 minutes in duration.

Produced videos may be uploaded to YouTube (or similar, for you to embed as necessary), transfered as files online, or both.

Branded (your name/logo) or non-branded versions possible.

Video completion and availability generally completed within 3 business days.


Photo Production Notes:

Before editing is finished, client may select/provide:
- Graphic overlay (logo overlayed).
- Title font and content.

Photo completion and availability generally completed within 3business days.





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