Shoppers find you on the internet. Perhaps by simply searching the web, or by following ads to your site, or following links provided at trade shows.

In 2017, VIDEO CONTENT will represent 74% of internet traffic (per HubSpot.com), and every major social network increased their video presence in 2016.

What does this suggest?
People will often first see you on the internet!

Their first impression leads to either following up or eliminating you. Providing a visually interesting highlight is possibly the most important step you can take in presenting yourself.


Here is a sample promo video :



Our advice for your video is simple:
Show the your best features to capture the initial interest of your prospects!

JEKO IMAGERY videos are designed and created to emphasize your highlights, captured at their peak! Furthermore, we'll place the results on YouTube, then add easy links (such as a QR Code for anyone to scan with their smartphone) wherever you put information --like flyers, signage or advertisements.

Do people see your products somewhere? We'll help add small QR Code signs linking to your videos, and allowing them to see its manufacture and/or use. It is easy to create, and far more interesting than seeing any item sitting around alone!

Another advantage is, they take the video with them on their phone to watch again and share. Also, you can gain extra visibility through their sharing on social media.

Film strip


It all starts by contacting JEKO IMAGERY!